The best Colimatic technology at the service of medium-high production. Full versatility guaranteed by a large loading area and additional space for the integration of accessories after the sealing area.

Available for vaccum MAP, SKIN and SHRINK technologies.

THERA 500: the missing link.


Eco-sustainable materials

• 30% savings on film waste thanks to special vacuum system
• Gear motors with high efficiency
• Cooling circuit with water recycling (no water waste) opt


• 100% Recyclable paper
• 100% Recyclable mono-materials
• Reduced film thickness min 60 my

features of our products

Build to last

durability, integrity and consistent performance


& synchronizations with a wide variety of devices & accessories


access for maintenance and service

User friendly

Which allows an easier access to all machine functions, by simplifying the settings, the machine activation and system check.


Sloping machine surfaces, TIG continuous welding and motors strategically protected and positioned, Will grant the highest possible hygiene levels!

Extreme energy saving

The configuration with shared DC Bus allows the energy exchange between the axis, reducing the energy wasting caused by the dynamic braking resistances. This will sensibly reduce (down to 40%!) the amount of energy required. (KERS - Kinetic Energy Recovery System).


with folding opening device to allow the fastest format change, cleaning & maintenance operations.


To allow a friendly HMI use in any working condition. The safety system detects hazards, stops the machine and activates the remote assistance service for faster reaction times.


up to 30%, Thanks to our unique technology utilizing vacuum and gas injection in sealing phase which reduces the quantity of waste material to only 10 mm of lateral scrap, and only on bottom film, leading to an outstanding single package costs.


with 4-post lifting unit which consistently guarantees high level of sealing quality due to evenly distribution of the sealing pressure.


  • Sealing
  • Vacuum
  • Modified atmosphere (MAP)
  • Shrink
  • Double chamber automatic
    die configuration (FV)
  • Modified atmosphere (MAP)
  • Shrink


  • Electrical: PLC Siemens
  • Pneumatic: FESTO
  • Vacuum Pumps: BUSCH
  • Control interface: PLC Siemens


  • Production: up to 20 cycles/min
  • Film material: film thickness up to 800 my
  • Top film reel Max diam: 400 mm
  • Bottom film reel Max diam: 400 mm

technical features

  • Machine length: 7000mm
  • Machine width: up to 1100mm
  • Machine height: up to 2000mm
  • Loading area: 1500mm
  • Bottom film width: up to 420mm
  • Top film width: up to 400mm
  • Max advancing index: up to 400mm
  • Pack max depth: up to 120mm


  • Double upper and lower film reelholder
  • Integral cutting system
  • Automatic adjustment of packs depth
  • Forming station adjusting device
  • Vision systems
  • Customer’s logo embossomed
  • Servomotor chain drive system
  • Integrated printing and labelling systems
  • Liquid and creamy product dosing systems
  • Automatic loading devices
  • Integrated pick&places systems
  • Aligning devices
  • Output conveyors
  • Easy managing of different indexes
  • Male-female matrix cuttings, for an unrivaled long-lasting quality
  • External components integration service

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