The distinctive trait of our THERA 650, is its modular frame. This makes it suitable to any kind of production need, die configuration and speeds: making this machine also a versatile option.

Our THERA 650 is equipped with the best Colimatic technology: thanks to its high outputs, it is the perfect solution for high productions and big-sized products.

features of our products

Build to last

durability, integrity and consistent performance


Sloped surfaces for complete washdown


& synchronizations with a wide variety of devices & accessories

Top performance

the highest packaging output level, for this machinery range

Massive cost savings

on labor & packaging materials


access for maintenance and service


stainless steel frame & components

Tailor made

no limits to customization

User friendly

with latest next-generation HMI & intuitive options


with folding opening device to allow the fastest format change, cleaning & maintenance operations.


To allow a friendly HMI use in any working condition. The safety system detects hazards, stops the machine and activates the remote assistance service for faster reaction times.


  • Sealing
  • Vacuum
  • Modified atmosphere (MAP)
  • Shrink
  • Skinpack
  • Posiform
  • Double chamber automatic
    die configuration (FV)
  • Multiple Indexes


  • Electrical: PLC Siemens
  • Pneumatic: FESTO
  • Vacuum Pumps: BUSCH
  • Control interface: PLC Siemens


  • Production: up to 35 cycles/min
  • Film material: film thickness up to 1200 my
  • Top film reel Max diam: 500 mm
  • Bottom film reel Max diam: 500 mm

technical features

  • Machine length: Customized
  • Machine width: up to 1200mm
  • Machine height: up to 2000mm
  • Loading area: Customized
  • Bottom film width: up to 660mm
  • Top film width: up to 640mm
  • Max advancing index: up to 1100mm
  • Pack max depth: up to 220mm


  • Double upper and lower film reelholder
  • Integral cutting system
  • Hydraulic cutting systems
  • In line folding device for wallet-packs
  • External components integration service
  • Automatic adjustment of packs depth
  • Forming station adjusting device
  • L.I.S.A.® connect
  • CFR21 software integration
  • Vision systems
  • Customer’s logo embossomed
  • Servomotor chain drive system
  • Integrated printing and labelling systems
  • Reclosable top film application
  • Automatic lubrification
  • High hygiene components set
  • Liquid and creamy product dosing systems
  • Automatic loading devices
  • Integrated pick&places systems
  • Aligning devices
  • Output conveyors
  • Jumbo reelholder

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