Second Life Projects

Since 2014 Coligroup has been focusing on this “Second Life Project”, this is aimed to give support to any company or start up, in need of perfect-condition machinery, for the best possible price.
It is common to see healthy companies, to be denied access to big markets, simply because their other financial priorities prevent them access to the necessary resources.
Our SECOND LIFE PROJECT is devoted to supply totally reconditioned machines, for prices at least 50% cheaper than the new ones, basically offering the same level of performance & reliability!

The main advantage of this fruitful collaboration between Coligroup and its customers, is that they can actively participate to the packaging automation process.
Thanks to Coligroup’s 40-year-experience in this field, our clients are given the best possible advice and cheaper solutions, to meet all their expectations.
Therefore, also “niche products” and or small productions, have the possibility to be offered by our customers, without their commitment to big investments.

Coligroup has dedicated to this SECOND LIFE PROJECT, its best 20-year-experienced engineers. A brand new 1.500 square meter room and a special spare parts warehouse, to supply spares for at least 10 years from purchase, have been dedicated to this project.
Our SECOND LIFE PROJECT basically consists of a complete overhaul of our concerned pre-used machinery.


Warranty up to 12 months from the delivery date.

Same productivity as a new machine.

Complete machine overhaul, to have identical operational features as a new machine.

Spare parts availability as a new machine.

Machine price 50% lower than a new machine.